Dream Minds Presents:

Do you want to help your child increase their LEARNING POWER but don't know how?

Do you want to learn how to speak your child's language and be able to communicate easily and effortlessly with them?

Would you like to develop an inspirational toolkit of strategies and techniques, to show your child how to succeed in school and beyond?

Do you want to help make your child's learning journey fun and inspiring?

DREAM PARENTS workshop can help you to boost your PARENT POWER.

We believe that parents play a vital role in creating confident learners. With the right tools, you can learn to develop a better understanding of how to help your child be the best that they can possibly be.

DREAM PARENTS is an inspirational day that aims to help you to harmonise the learning relationship between you and your child. The workshop will help you to understand how your child learns and show you how you can use this to support your child to become a master of their own learning journey through a variety of:

Fun and interactive activities

Thought provoking discussions and demonstrations

Group Work

The training is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning and other tried and tested teaching and learning techniques. It is delivered by experienced and dedicated teachers who are devoted to developing the potential of young people.

  • Show you how to create an ideal learning environment so you can help your child to maximise their learning power.
  • Help you to understand your child’s learning style so you can help them maximise their personal learning ability.
  • Give you useful techniques to increase their mental agility; improve their memory and help to retain and recall information more quickly.
  • Explain how to use language to positively influence and captivate learners.
  • Help you to encourage reluctant learners by showing you how to deal with their limiting beliefs.
  • Show you how to improve spelling ability using strategies from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
  • Explain how to increase your child’s reading and comprehension skills so that they can pass tests and examinations more easily.
  • Demonstrate how to develop creative writing skills.


    Investment: £95 each
    Couples offer: 10% off the total investment price