Dream Minds Presents:

An inspirational day that aims to help you to develop multi-dimensional teaching and learning techniques that will enhance your skills and relationships with young learners. You will go away with a valuable tool-kit of ideas that are sure to create a buzz in the classroom and increase pupils’ learning power.

We believe that children are the people of tomorrow who will shape the future. As teachers, you play a key role in unlocking and developing the potential of our future generation. With the right tools, you can generate a classroom full of exceptional learners who have the ability to succeed in school and beyond.

The training is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning and other tried and tested teaching and learning techniques. It is delivered by experienced and dedicated teachers who are devoted to developing the potential of young people.

  • Help you to understand and take responsibility for your emotions so that you are able to maximise pupils’ learning power.
  • Develop your observation skills so that you can communicate more effectively with pupils and create positive learning attitudes.
  • Help you to cultivate a positive and winning attitude that will assist young people in becoming confident learners.
  • Show you how to build rapport and harmonise the learning process.
  • Enable you to use language to positively influence and captivate pupils so they develop a hunger for learning.
  • Focus on creating appropriate learning environments that will enable pupils to maximise their learning.
  • Show you how to deal with pupils’ limiting beliefs to help them increase their learning capacity.
  • Develop you understanding of pupils’ learning styles so that your teaching has more of an impact on pupils’ learning.
  • Show you how to engage both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to increase learning potential.
  • Demonstrate how to use techniques to improve memory.
  • Develop listening skills and help pupils to focus on key points.
  • Show you how to use mind mapping with pupils to reinforce learning.
  • Increase their reading speed and comprehension skills.
  • Demonstrate the importance of multi-sensory learning and how this can be used to enhance pupils’ learning journey.
  • Develop your understanding of how music can stimulate learning and ideas.
  • Help them to become a master of their own learning and embrace the concept of life-long learning.